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Salam muwajahah silmiah. Sekadar mengambil ruang medan dakwah untuk mencetuskan pandangan dan berkongsi maklumat untuk manfaat bersama. Di lahirkan di Tawau Bumi Peladang. Masih lagi menuntut ilmu sebagai persiapan menjadi aktivis dalam membantu menyuburkan syiar Islam yang kini mempunyai harapan besar untuk kembali gemilang. InsyaAllah.

5 Basic Duties In Islam

| Saturday, December 6, 2008 |

Declaration of faith is the first of the five basic duties of Islam. It is to declaring knowingly and voluntarity, ‘Lailahaillah Muhammdurrasulullah’ (There is no God but Allah swt, Muhammad is the messenger of Allah swt). All other duties in Islam originate from shahadah.

Compulsoru prayer is declared five times a day, congregation or individually, it is a practical demonstration in faith declared in shahadah and keeps a belivier in constant touch with his Creator. It develops in him the qualities of self-discipline, steadfastness, honesty, truthfulness and courage.

Fasting in Ramadhan is the annual obligatory fast. From dawn to sunset every day in the month of Ramadhan a muslim retrains from eating, drinking and conjugal relations. The most important to control the bad desire to gain a true muslim. Sawm also helps to raise a person’s moral and spiritual standard above selfishness, greed and so on.

Welfare contrubution is a compulsary payment the annual savings of a muslim. The rate of payment is 2-5% on cash, jewellery and precious metals. Zakah can only be spent in certain ways such as helping the poor like me, needy, disabled, oppressed, debtor and other welfare purposed. It is an act of worship. It is neither an optional charity nor a tax (which could be used for any of society’s needs).

Pilgrimage to the House of Allah is an annual event, an assembly of muslims from over the world at the House of Allah in Mekkah. Every muslim who has the means must make this pilgrimage at lest once in a lifetime. Hajj symbolises the unity of humanity.


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